Howto: Post data to HTTPS server

Jose Correia joseKILL at
Thu Nov 9 20:53:13 CET 2000

Greetings everyone,

Anyone got any pointers on how to do this?  Seems like all the references to
examples reside on Starship which is down (and has been for a while).

So far, it seems like I need to get new (patched) and
modules.  If so, anyone know where from?  Maybe I'm missing something
obvious in the documentation, but all I can find related is this (in online

    "URLopener() ... Additional keyword parameters, collected in x509, are
used for authentication with the https: scheme. The keywords key_file and
cert_file are supported; both are needed to actually retrieve a resource at
an https: URL."

However when calling this module, I get "unknown url type: https".  Checking source confirms there is no code to handle https:

Level of experience: Been working with Python 1.5.2 for 2 months on W98se
platform; first attempt at web programming.  LOVE this language...

Thanks in advance for any help,

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