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>On 7 Nov 2000, Paul Wright wrote:
>> A Pythonic shell (in the Unix sense) and a GUI shell allowing you
>> to tie Python to desktop objects easily both sound like good ideas. I
>> think there's already a Perl based command line shell, though I've not
>> used it.
>If you gut Windows that badly, why on Earth not go all the way, and use
>one of the free Unices? They usually have Python stuck in all the
>right places, and by default.

You wouldn't gut Windows, you'd run the GUI but have a command line
based on Python around for when the Windows GUI won't do the job you
want to do (like we have the Cygnus stuff for Windows at the moment,
including the bash shell). Writing such a thing in Python would
hopefully make it portable across a wide variety of OSs. 

A GUI "shell" (in the Windows sense) would be a useful thing too, of

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