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Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Nov 17 05:58:33 CET 2000

Joshua Muskovitz wrote:
> You describe a specific problem, and propose a specific solution, but there
> are assumptions involved in choosing the "right" solution that you have not
> mentioned.  There are many people on this group who will be happy to solve
> the problem you describe, plus many others, and it is possible for this
> thread to go on for a long time.  C.l.p is just that sort of place.  :-)

One approach might be to approach management and ask, if people are
allowed to use the web but not newsgroups, and thus are forced into
using inefficient means to access those newsgroups which they inevitably
will do, not to mention developing custom applications to improve such
method of access, why would management not remedy the situation and
improve the working environment and morale and reduce the likelihood
people will move to a more progressive company by beginning to make
newsgroups available.  Another approach would be to move to a more
progressive company.  Neither involves much extra coding.  I realize
this won't really help, but I needed an excuse to respond to the

> For-some-reason-everyone-seems-to-sign-notes-this-way-and-hopefully-someone-
> will-explain-it-to-me'ly yrs,


Peter Hansen

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