ANN.: Beta 1.0 of Weak Reference Extension Module is nowavailable

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Sun Nov 19 21:33:23 CET 2000

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> > However, I have a question about the implementation. The way I
> it,
> > it hooks into Python's [de-]allocation mechanism to make sure weak
> references
> > don't point to objects that no longer exist. Does this require a
> > through all the weak references for each deallocation? If so, that
> > like a new performance problem.
> No!  Only objects that are subject to weak-referencing get their
> deallocation-function hooked; there is no overhead for all other
> deallocations.
> Alex
Alex is absolutely correct. Only those objects that are being weak
referenced will be checked. On top of that, the check is a lookup in the
STL's map, which is a log(n).



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