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Delaney, Timothy tdelaney at avaya.com
Tue Nov 21 03:36:57 CET 2000

Technically, one would have to be referring to the water in the air. For
example ...

The water in the air is precipitating (better than raining).
It is raining.

The water in the air is condensing (prelude to the above).
It is getting ready to rain.

The water in the air is solidifying.
It is hailing.

However, as is obvious it is not possible to actually replace the more
"technically correct" term in each case without rearranging the sentence.

Common usage could also suggest that the atmostphere is raining, or the
clouds are raining, but I don't believe these to be technically correct.

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> Totally unrelated rhetorical question: When one says "It is 
> raining", to
> what is the "it" refering?

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