ASP crashes IIS

gbreed at gbreed at
Thu Nov 9 14:31:23 CET 2000

We're having problems with IIS crashing, and Python ASP scripts are 
implicated.  There doesn't seem to be the same problem with VBScript.  
It's intermittent and therefore unreproduceable.  But I do have an error 
log now, which is included below.

The log was generated on a server running win32all-125, but we're getting 
the same problem with 132.  The web service needs to be re-started to 
restore the site.

An object call caused an exception.       (IID: 
{51372AEF-CAE7-11CF-BE81-00AA00A2FA25}) (Method: 3)  (Microsoft 
Transaction Server Internals Information: File: 
d:\viper\src\runtime\mtxex\activity.cpp, Line: 889) (Exception: C0000005) 
(Address: 0x1e2a2e89) 
pythoncom15!PyCom_HandlePythonFailureToCOM(struct tagEXCEPINFO *) + 0x69
ole32!CreateBindCtx + 0x3F4
ole32!CoCreateInstance + 0x6A
asp + 0x2359F
asp + 0x2492C
asp!TerminateExtension + 0x3B65
asp!TerminateExtension + 0x3286
asp!TerminateExtension + 0x3105
asp!TerminateExtension + 0x79F6
asp + 0x320D5
mtxex!MTSCreateActivity + 0x1F3C
mtxex!MTSCreateActivity + 0xF3E

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