Red/Green Bars

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Wed Nov 8 16:43:13 CET 2000

All Canadians _are_ like that (more or less).  You CC officers are always
trying to make it seem like we're normal, and darn it, some of us resent
that :o) .

Due South is, of course, the definition of "Canadian" with which all
Americans should familiarise themselves if they wish to be culturally
sensitive.  We are all mounties, we all have wolves, every one of us has the
ability to jump from incredible heights and land unharmed as long as we do a
roll afterward.  We're honest, clean, shy around the opposite sex, obsessed
with law and order, given to helping people with odd tasks, and wear pink
long underwear under suspenders.

We spend our childhoods camping in the wilderness around Toronto,
snow-shoeing in during the summers to sell our furs at the trading post on
King Street, sleighing to Montreal in the winter to worship the animate

Yes, our igloos have cable modems, but the seals keep stealing the mice :o)

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> For those who stuck with this ludicrous thread I spun off: there's a
> silly comedy show on Canadian TV called The Red Green Show, starring
> 'Red Green', a bumbling handy-man-type backwoods Mr. Fixit sort of
> fellow who generally solves most household problems by the application
> of generous quantities of duct tape.  It used to be funny, too.

I'm pretty sure The Red Green Show is sometimes available in the states,
too.  You *could* call it the canadian version of "The Man Show", although I
would recommend you viewers don't assume all canadians are like that...

Keep-your-stick-on-the-ice-ly y'rs,

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