bad python modules

Timothy O'Malley timo at
Tue Nov 14 05:37:15 CET 2000


In article <8uplg6$hfi$1 at>, sp00fD <sp00fD at>
>  For instance the Cookie module left me to hack it all together
> to actually get the value data from the cookie, rather than returning
> it as some nice dictionary.

Well, I quite sure that the Cookie module exports a dictionary
interface.  I'm guessing that the .value() method is where your
objections comes from.

Can you propose an alternate interface?  One that allows the programmer
to control the attributes (such as Max-Age) and the value of the
cookie?  I'm certainly open to suggestions.

The current interface is the product of a few iterations and has
generally been well-received, but I'm sure we have left in room for

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