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Thu Nov 9 15:28:03 CET 2000

ruben at wrote:

> Coming from a Java background and recently using Python for
> application development, I have a question. Is there an equivalent to
> Enterprise JavaBeans in Python?

Zope has many similarities. Zope is a web application server and object-
publishing framework. Installed components (known as 'products') define
a set of permissions. These permissions can be allocated to a role, and
the role granted to a user. Some ways in which (AFAIK) Zope goes beyond

 * through-the-web management

 * product *instances* are web-addressable

   Suppose in the folder MyStuff you create an instance of the Forum
   product which you call MyForum; then that instance would have a URL
   of /path/to/MyStuff/MyForum. Furthermore its methods could be
   called like /path/to/MyStuff/MyForum/addMessage?title=Hello%20there

   As I understand, an EJB component is web-addressable but not an
   individual instance of it (except by passing a parameter to the
   EJB component). This would seem to make it awkward to use relative
   addressing between an HTML file and some related instance of an
   EJB component.

Zope is at and a good introduction can be found at

Hamish Lawson

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