PIL for Python 2.0 on Win32?

Tim Hamza thamza.nospam at geocities.com
Thu Nov 2 07:51:38 CET 2000

"Patrick" <patrick.fichou at galactica.it> wrote in message
news:NuJdkUYQAHA.156 at newsmst.mcis.galactica.it...
> Hello,
> Is there a 'ready to use' version of Python Imaging Library running on
> Windows for the Realase 2.0 of Python ? I've tried to use the old 1.5.2
> library but it doesn't work...
> Thank you for your help
> Patrick


"Alex Martelli" <aleaxit at yahoo.com> wrote in message
news:8tjpnj02um1 at news1.newsguy.com...
> Can anybody suggest somewhere I could either
> download a pre-built version of the Python
> Imaging Library for Python 2.0 on Win32, or
> else the jpeg, zlib and tk (others I've
> forgotten...?) headers & libraries it relies
> on?  E.g., I have the Tcl/Tk installation
> that come with Python 2, ditto for the zlib
> that also comes with it, etc, but not the
> headers that PIL needs to use them, and I'd
> rather not try and guess where to fetch ones
> in line with the binaries I have (the headers
> don't seem to be in the Python sources either).
> Thanks for any pointers!
> Alex

There have been several recent requests for this, but I've seen no replies.
I am also interested in a binary of PIL compatible with Python 2.0 on win32
but do not have the means to compile it myself.  Can anybody help us poor


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