Y2K ! Y2K ! -- The "FLORIDA ALLIGATOR" Hypothesis !

Maps Revres zorro at zipzap.ch
Thu Nov 9 22:21:20 CET 2000

This is an thesis in real-time anticipated philology ;-)

How could the archeological record witness ?

Isomorphism City Star ! Prolog County ! N-Category street 3 !

A rotten piece of *that* newspaper at *that* place
has been found, by our *deep* descendants from *outer*
space, coming back to know *all* about all roots of
*all* life. It is in their museum.

The few square inches of the "Isomorphism City Star",
of Nov 9, 2000, read thus :

"Truly, the Y2K bug was a jumping gene. Note that it is
quite logical and admissible for a bug in year 2000's
calendar to shift matters across its duration if not more.
First we believed we had Y2K located on Jan 1st, then we
thought of April 1st, and now Y2K *really happened* on
November 8 ! The real foes of this momentous day,
are the trouble-sighted ones ! The ones who are like
people surprised by an unscheduled total eclipse !"

"These are the ones who would perhaps complain that
those 300 days of difference between Jan 1st, 2000,
and Nov 8th, 2000, disallow saying that what was announced
before the first date - Y2K - as what would happen at the first
date, is actually, as far as the progress of our intelligence
is concerned, what actually happened at the second date !"

"These are the ones who would claim that the surprising
scale of this jump in time is by any way of consequence
any more relevant than the spectacular size of the jumps
in space of the loci between the last bunch of votes yet
needing to be counted and its successor, as we observe
it jump from Orlando to Kosovo."

"These are the ones who would deny that what happened
to America on Nov 8, 2000, is, just like what was announced
for Y2K, a problem in the shape of failing to achieve the
computation of the simple carry of a huge addition".

"These are the ones who would unduly claim a relevance
 to the foreground difference in the shape of the expected
problematic addition, (the timely addition to the list of
past and current dates on Jan 1st, 2000, by computers),
as compared to the shape of the actually problematic
addition (the timely addition to the list of their past
and current presidents, on Nov. 8th, 2000, by americans),
namely, claim relevance for the fact that while both were in
practice huge additions, one was in practice a huge
*serial* addition of days during 2000 years, while the
other was in practice a huge *parallel* addition of
votes over US territory (mostly). This is clearly an
irrelevant objection that can only be committed in bad
faith, would not you say ?".

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