Python and Databases ?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Tue Nov 14 12:19:43 CET 2000

"Frank Z. Gligic" <zGligic at> wrote in message
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> However, what I am really, really hoping for is a set of modules that are
> 'SQLish' and that hide the 'native' integration to at least the commercial
> beasts (: Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Progress, etc :) and maybe even
> and PostgreSQL.
> Could somebody please point me to something/anything to read that would
> me at least a good overview of the state of things, when it comes to
> and databases ?

You'll find a decent (IMHO) 'SQLish module interface' that does
the hiding you require.  mxODBC, by the way, basically meets this
specification, so you may well be able to use it underneath while
programming to the DB-API.
At, you'll also get links
to the older 1.0 Db-API, to lists of Python modules written to
the API's or outside them, and other various sundries.

See, also:
where you'll find a module that also basically implements the
DB-API (albeit in the previous 1.0 version, not current 2.0,
I think), but is entirely in Python (with optional speedup help
from a C-coded written-for-Python auxiliary module) -- very
handy for small-ish tasks that don't require a RDBMS' full
power but can still profit from handy SQL use...


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