Embedding in C

Dominik Reiter reidom1 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 24 12:14:55 CET 2000

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to embed Python in a C application on
IRIX6.5 . The final goal of this will be to run a
Python module from the C-App.
Now here's my problem:

The C-Program compiles ok even after I include
<Python.h>. As soon as I insert "Py_Initialize()" to
the code, I get an eror message, telling me about an
unresolved text symbol "__eprintf", which is 1st
referenced by libpython1.6.a(longobject.o)!

I analysed the library and found the reference marked
es extern (U). But it seems, that I can not find
another library, which would refer to __eprint.

I used gcc to build Python and the C-App.

Maybe I'm just stupid this week, but I really need
some help on this.



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