The PSA (Was - Is Starship being hosted at BeOpen once again?)

Christian Tismer tismer at
Thu Nov 16 12:28:11 CET 2000

Simon Brunning wrote:
> > From: Christian Tismer [SMTP:tismer at]
> > I've changed DNS to DC by the beginning of the week.
> What is the current status of the PSA? According to the PSA FAQ (last
> updated in '97), it appears to be a CNRI thing. So, I have four questions:
> *       Does the PSA still exist?
> *       If so, is it run by CNRI?
> *       Is it worth joining?
> *       OK, three then.

To my knowledge, PSA will no longer exist, but will be
replaced by something better, called PSF, and will
not be related to CNRI.

Guido, what are your plans, and when can I use PSF
membership as a Starship membership criteria?

ciao - chris

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