ANN: wxDesigner 1.3 commercial RAD tool

Christian Tismer tismer at
Sun Nov 26 14:38:17 CET 2000

Robert Roebling wrote:
>    Hello,
> > Robert Roebling wrote:
> >>
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> wxDesigner is a dialog editor and RAD tool for the wxWindows
> >> C++ library and its Python wrapper wxPython.
> >
> > For the users who are undecided whether to use a free tool
> > tool or your professional one: Would you mind to do a comparison
> > against Boa Constructor?
> Comparing means looking for strengths and weaknesses in both
> programs in an unbiassed way, but neither am I unbiassed nor
> is it my intention to look for negative aspects in any open
> source software project. The author of Boa has spent his spare
> time (or so I imagine) on his project the same way I have spent
> my spare time on the GTK port of wxWindows and the last thing
> I am looking for is someone going around trying hard to find
> something to criticise in wxGTK. I hope that some magazine
> will do a comparison; so far only the American Linux-Magazine
> has written a short text about wxDesigner and I was not even
> able to get hold of a copy of that one, since ordering from
> abroad takes weeks.

I think I asked a reasonable question. A comparison is not
necessarily finding bad spots in another product.
What I was asking for was not more than a hint
where the differences are, since at first glance the screenshots
both look interesting, but it's difficult to judge whether
each tool fits one's needs anough to invest time playing
with it. I'm sure that both products have their place, since
they are probably addressing different kinds of users.
Exactly that is what I thought you might be interested to tell
us about.

cheers - chris

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