P*rl in Latin, whither Python?

Ian Parker parker at gol.com
Mon Nov 13 23:21:53 CET 2000

In article <3A0F4B2D.7D01476B at alcyone.com>, Erik Max Francis
<max at alcyone.com> writes
>Steve Lamb wrote:
>> Esperanto, OTOH, does not.
>> I can count to 999,999 but that is only because I haven't learned the
>> Esperanto word for million yet.
>It's `miliono.'
>> English: 11 = Eleven.  The English words for 1-10 don't prepare you
>> for
>> "Eleven".  Nor Twelve or Thirteen.
>Not all natural languages are like that.  Counting in Japanese is very
>straightforward, for instance.

Yes, but it gets a little confusing remembering the correct counter part
to indicate whether you're counting people, rabbits, or long flat
things, to name but three (counters).


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