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Mon Nov 13 03:54:43 CET 2000

In article <20001109164213.19625.00000489 at>, fxital at aol.comnospam (FxItAL) wrote:
>Hello All,
>Thanks for the response.
>I've downloaded the windows installer from
>  While running I received
>the following Error Messages:
>analyzing _tkinter
>        found kernel32.dll
>        found tcl80.dll
>        lib not found:  tcl80.dll dependency of found tk80.dll
>        lib not found:  tk80.dll dependency of found python15.dll
>        found MSVCRT.DLL
>Could not find tcl binarys!
>Operation aborted
>Python 1.5.2 on Win ME 
>tcl in installed.
>Thanks for any help with this,

Edit the SET PATH line in your autoexec.bat file to include 
;C:\python;C:\tcl\bin be sure to use a semi-colon as a separator. This will 
make the .dll's available 

Good luck, AL

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