colouring texts using PIL

andreas palsson did at
Mon Nov 20 18:50:32 CET 2000

Hello again.

I am continuing my efforts to learn Python, and it is going quite well
I have a little cgi-script which I use to display a picture, and now I
try to manipulate the image using 'Python Imaging Library' before
sending it.

I have been able to put a small text on the image, but I can't find out
how to change the colour of it.

I am using the module 'ImageDraw' and the method 'text', and I checked
the syntax from ''-file:

	def text(self, xy, text, fill=None, font=None, anchor=None):

I guess I should use 'fill'? But there's no explaination on exactly what
I should pass to it.

If there was something like 'colour=(0,255,255)' then it would be easy
to understand :)

Anyone have an idea on this little problem?



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