Tk after and after_cancel

Ben Schmidt brs31 at
Thu Nov 2 00:42:22 CET 2000

I've been playing around with python and I've created an program that
has back and next buttons on  it.  When one of the buttons is clicked
and released, the system either goes to the next state or the previous
one.  Also if you click and hold a list of where you've been also comes
up, like the back and forward buttons on netscape.

When the button is pressed, an after event is activated so that after
200 miliseconds the menu shows.  Once the button is released before the
200 miliseconds, an after_cancel callback is made to stop the menu

This works fine, but when I click twice on one of the buttons, it seems
that the second after_cancel either doesn't get called or doesn't cancel
the second after callback.  

Can someone help me out here? or point me to where some documentation on
this is?



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