Install probs Python2.0

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Nov 1 15:35:17 CET 2000

Brendan See wrote:
> In file included from ../Include/Python.h:54,
>                  from node.c:3:
> ../Include/pyport.h:390:2: #error "LONG_BIT definition appears wrong for
> platform (bad gcc config?)."
> make[1]: *** [node.o] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/Brendan/Python-2.0c1/Parser'
> make: *** [Parser] Error 2
> Should I change the defintion for the LONG_BIT? (I'm a newbie to python
> and Linux really)

short answer: yes


longer answer: yes -- or complain to the folks who sold you
a broken compiler...  (according to the gcc developers, 2.96
wasn't meant for public consumption)

for more info, try searching the newsgroup for LONG_BIT
(via you'll get lots of hits,


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