Watch - Python-based keyboard/mouse activity monitor

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Nov 14 09:38:13 CET 2000

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth on my part Sourceforge/CVS, I
believe I might actually have succeeded in making my Watch script available
for download and use.  Watch is a Tkinter-based keyboard/mouse activity
monitor designed to keep you from abusing your body with excessive computer
use.  It features settable work and rest times and can enforce them in
friendly or fascist manners.  Watch currently runs on Linux where it can
reliably monitor both keyboard and mouse activity, has run on Windows in the
past (where it could only directly monitor mouse activity), and could
probably run on Macs with a little effort.

If you have any questions about Watch or want to contribute to it, please
contact me.

Skip Montanaro (skip at
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