Internet C++ and Python?

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Fri Nov 17 19:34:32 CET 2000

Aside:  kind of odd,  I got the replies to this message before I got the message itself.

What does Mike mean by "Jython is compiled to Java bytecode"?  As I understand it Jython is Java code (implementing a Python interpreter) so it would naturally be compiled to Java bytecode.  Are Python apps compiled using Jython compiled to Java bytecode or Python bytecode?


PS.  Jochen mentioned to me off-list that I totally missed his point by not fully understanding CommonLisp.  As a result my previous post is meaningless.

On Fri, 17 Nov 2000 02:24:15 Mike Müller wrote:
 | I just discovered something interesting in the German “Linux Magazin”
 | (12/200 p. 88). It is called Internet C++ which is something like Java just
 | for C++.
 | There is a virtual machine named icvm.
 | It is supposed to be very fast. The author of the article (Tom Schwaller)
 | did NOT see any difference to compiled C++ after porting to editors to icvm.
 | C++'s homepage is .
 | The most interesting point to me is the possibility to compile python
 | directly into icvm-bytecode just like Jython into Java bytecode but with the
 | difference of a higher performance.
 | There seem to be some remaining problems:
 | - no support for shared libraries (yet)
 | - no threads (yet)
 | - no GPL but open source which is free for free OSes only (similar to
 | OpenMotif) and the source can only be changed with permission of the
 | original author (Information form “Linux Magazin” article by Tom Schwaller
 | (mentioned above) not from the IC++ homepage)
 | Besides those shortcomings, would something like icvm be a good thing for
 | python?
 | So far the only thing about Python I dislike is the slow performance for
 | some tasks.
 | Any comments or ideas.?
 | Mike

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