How to use BLT2.4 and Tcl/tk8.3 under Windows9X/NT ?

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Fri Nov 3 05:04:18 CET 2000

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000 10:54:06 GMT, Matthias Fischer
<mfischer at> wrote:

>I use Python 2.0 under WIN32 with the included package of Tcl/Tk 8.3 and
>want to use the BLT2.4 expansionspack with Pmw.
>I installed the Pmw and BLT packages in the directories as explained in
>the documentation. If I try to execute an example I'll get the
>following Message:
>Sorry. The BLT package has not been installed on this system. Please
>install it and try again.
>Please tell me, what may I do. (reinstall the BLT package in an other
>directory or copy some DLL's in Pythons DLLs dir ?)

I also have the same problem.  I then tried to run the PMW tests under
2.0 and gots lots of small errors tried again
under my "working" 1.5.2 installation.   It ALSO reports lots of small
errors but DOES display the graph examples also.

I am assuming that this is just an installation issue with the
locations of tcl.  Under 1.5.2, the Windoze installation had tcl under
"Program FIles" with BLT installed in that hierarchy.  Under 2.0, tcl
is in a directory under python20 but the depth of the heirarchy
appears to be different.

Any clues??
Howard Lightstone
howard at

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