FYI - building Python 2.0 on BeOS 5 Pro

Donn Cave donn at
Fri Nov 3 07:25:18 CET 2000

Quoth Daniel Berger <djberg96 at>:

| Since Chris Herborth isn't tinkering with BeOS any longer, I decided to
| give a go at compiling Python 2.0 myself.  It was surprisingly simple.
| As per Chris' instructions...
| 1) Get Python 2.0 source and unzip
| 2) In Python directory, ./configure --prefix=/boot/home/config
| 3) Edit Modules/Setup file.  Comment out lines containing "grp"
| and "mmap".
| 4) make
| 5) make test -- known to lock on test_popen2.  Fix or ignore.
| 6) make install
| Now, I haven't done any serioust testing, but it looks promising.

Has been working fine for me.

On Intel BeOS, the beta 2.0 releases built pretty easy, but PPC
was a different story, the usual problems with Metrowerks' compiler
tools aggravated by a tendency for the Macintosh Python maintainers
to equate __MWERKS__ with the Mac.  I took it upon myself to propose
some changes, very late in the process when I realized no one else
was going to do it, and then kind of bungled the damned Source Forge
patch submission and caused further delay.  The changes went in at
the 11th hour, with very little time to test their effect on other
platforms, but they were cheerfully accepted without any grumbling
at all about obscure platforms.  The Python team doesn't play
favorites with operating systems.  Kind of like NetBSD is with

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