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Wed Nov 8 14:40:47 CET 2000

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Brendhan Horne wrote:
> That didn't do it.
> >>>
> error
> >>>python
> Thanks,
> Brendhan
> error
> So from the command line prompt it won't open Hello, World !
> What the heck am I doing wrong here.?
> --
> Thanks,
> Brendhan

Erm, are you by any chance using Windows 98 or 95 rather than NT?
Under Windows NT you can associate the ".py" extension with the
interpreter, but undiwe 98 and 95 I believe this isn't possible
and you are stuck with


One source of information on this is

Various techniques have been proposed and implemented to allow more
flexibility, but alas I am unable to find references to any of them
just now.

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