Embedding questions.

Jean-Paul Kogelman jean-paul at parox.nl
Fri Nov 10 13:44:30 CET 2000

Hi all,

I'm new at Python, and I've got a few questions..

First I'll explain what i'm trying to do:

I'm writing a win32 application that needs a script interpreter to extend
functionality (duh).

I want the program to be only 1 binary, so I have to link it into the
executable, I read the FAQ about the module importing problem, and that's
not going
to be a problem, because I don't want to use any external modules. I only
want the interpreter, and no libraries/modules.

I know I'm going to loose a lot of functionality this way, but that's not
going to be much of a problem. The scripting isn't going to perform any
complicated tasks, and besides, I want complete control over the script. I
want to limit the scripts input/output to only my API.

And if I ever need the external modules in the future, I'll see what I can
do about it then.

Another problem is, that I'll be loading multiple source files, so I have to
put those into different namespaces, to avoid clashes. I don't think that
this is such a big problem. I just haven't looked into this yet.

So, to sum it up:

		- Getting rid of all the modules, so I only have the Interpreter.
		- Being able to set the namespace of a particular piece of code.

Any hints / tips are greatly appreciated.


Jean-Paul Kogelman
Parox Software b.v.

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