P*rl in Latin, whither Python?

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Sun Nov 12 04:26:56 CET 2000

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> Martin Christensen wrote:
> > >>>>> "Peter" == Peter Hansen <peter at engcorp.com> writes:
> > Peter> The goals of both Esperanto and Python are ease of learning
> > Peter> (based largely on consistency and clean adoption of rules
> > Peter> beginners will likely have learned elsewhere), compactness,
> > Peter> power of expression, and perhaps to act as a bridge between
> > Peter> otherwise dissimilar contexts.
> >
> > Oni trovas esperantistoj[n] en multaj [strangaj] lokoj. :-)
----------------------------^^^ (accusative case! :-)

"One finds esperantists in many strange places. :-) "

> Parenteze, la CEED diras, ke la Esperanta vorto por nia komputila lingvo
> estas Pitono.

"As an aside, the Comprehensive English-Esperanto Dictionary says that
the Esperanto word for our computer language is 'Pitono'" (Python, of

Apparently Esperanto is well-liked amongst some Pythonists.  I suppose
that's not surprising, given the 'reasonable idealism' shown within both

But now for something completely different.... some Python related
posts!   :-)

(P.S.: for those interested, and as I can find bits of time, over the
next year http://www.esperanto.ca should transmogrify slowly into a
Zope-based site with extensive (at least internal) use of XML, complete
with a ZWiki that allows Esperanto text edited as ASCII but displayed as
Unicode with the proper characters.  This is not a promise, just a
serious intention (sigh).  I'm not actually the maintainer, but I am the
technical contact for the domain and I hope with better facilities,
specifically those Zope can provide, the maintainers will have an easier
job of it.)

Peter Hansen

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