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Brendhan Horne wrote:
> Steve thank you for your answer. I am going to ask if you can assist me in
> writing the py.bat for my computer. The reason is I noticed you have a d: in
> yours and it appears that your python is located on that d:. I also noticed
> you use a change directory of cd\steve\projects\python. The reason this is
> going to be so much fun is that I also have two physical hard drives C: and
> D: respectively. I have the python 2,0 on my C: . I would like to keep the
> programs I write for it on my D: . Being a Windoze user I have learned if C:
> dies , crashes or decides not to work very well. I can always rebuild C: and
> still have all my documents on D: safe from the vicious windoze OS. If this
> is not possible I will keep the programs I write on C: and keep back ups on
> D: no problem.

Well, there is no reason why the path (where your command line interpreter
will look for executable programs) has to have anything to do with your
working directory.  That's the whole point of the path: it makes it easy to
find your executables no matter what working directory you happen to have
cd'd to.

> Here is the vital info I think you are looking for:
> Python has the following locations this is where it went I did put it there.
> c:\Python20\python.exe    this is if you wanted to access it from c: It is
> also what you get if you right click the icon and then properties .

Mine just happened to end up on D: because the Windows installer chooses the
disk with most free space, and I didn't bother to contradict it.

> It also is accessible the following way:
> c:\windows\start menu\programs\python 2.0\python.exe I haven't tried this
> but I figured it is best to put out all the info.

This is just a shortcut , making the Python interpreter available from you
menu system (I presume you know that most of your menus are justr folders
in the filestore?).

> I would like to store the programs I write for it in a folder I will call
> "Monty". Let me know if this is enough information to help right the path
> program. If not let me know what you need.
> --
> Thanks,
> Brendhan

Well, if you are really keen to follow my rather lame-brained technique
(which I think I pointed out just happens to be the most convenient way
for me personally to access Python) then your "py.bat" script could read:

	echo off
	cd \Monty
	path "C:\Python20;%path%"
	echo Pythonized

However, the BEST way to make Python and its buddies easily available is
to add this line to file C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT:\

	path "C:\Python20;%path%"

After a reboot, all DOS windows will then be able to find the Python
executables, so you just need to open a DOS command window and type


Hope all this helps.

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