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>> It bothers me that a function with two (or more) arguments which are
>> equally is implemented as a method of one of the arguments.  It's
>I think the only _elegant_ way out of this asymmetry is the one indicated
>by Dylan's multimethod-dispatch of generic functions, which treats all
>arguments impartially.  "method-notation" in Dylan,, is just
>syntax sugar for a normal function call, bar(foo) [Dylan only allows this
>specific sugar for 1-argument functions, but one might extend it to have
> mean bar(foo,baz), etc, I guess].

The new string methods prompted my original post - and in particular,
the lack of a len() method which seems an obvious addition to me.

I was also curious about the new join() method which strikes me as
being the wrong way around. Join should be a method of sequences not
of the string that is placed between the elements.

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