mxDateTime format string

Martin Christensen knightsofspamalot-factotum at
Fri Nov 10 22:48:16 CET 2000


I have about 35700 time strings that look not entirely unlike 'Sun Jul
16, 2000 8:23am', and I need to convert them to ISO standard time. The
day of the week is just in the way, and can be easily removed, but
what the rest is concerned, is there a time format string that matches
this format for easy conversion? It can, of course, be done manually,
but I'm sure that mxDateTime could do it faster for me. Apropos les
bootes, has this to say
about the am/pm system, for your amusement:

        Please consider the 12h time to be a relic from the dark ages
        when Roman numerals were used, the number zero had not yet
        been invented and analog clocks were the only known form of
        displaying a time. Please avoid using it today, especially in
        technical applications!


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