Where is time.strptime()?

Gaute B Strokkenes gs234 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 6 12:54:49 CET 2000

Gareth.McCaughan at pobox.com (Gareth McCaughan) writes:

> That looks sufficiently unencumbered to me. (Note that #3 is not
> quite the usual-but-now-discarded BSD advertising clause.) Am I
> missing something?

Yes.  When UCB announced that the original advertising clause had been
nullified, this only applied to things that were covered by that
license _and copyrighted by UCB_ in the first place.  In particular,
it does not apply to things that have been written by other parties
and placed under a similar license.

This is obvious when you think about it--UCB has no power to change
the license of software that is copyrighted by someone else.

Off course, if someone contacted the copyright holder in question and
asked them nicely, then they might reconsider.

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