Howto: Post data to HTTPS server

Jose Correia jose at
Fri Nov 10 17:39:40 CET 2000

I was pointed at M2Crypto by KevinL (thanks) which contains an
and (both to make SSL connections possible).  It seems like this
would do the trick, however I can't get them to run.  I've tried snapshot 4
and 5 and each one looks for certain modules that aren't installed or crash
on attribute errors within it's own code.

I was not aware that SSL is only supported in Python 2.0.  It looks like
M2Crypto was written long before Python 2.0 but I'm going to upgrade to P2.0
and try again (haven't yet, I hate upgrading in the middle of a project).
I'm also assuming that M2Crypto is actually working and not just work in
progress at this stage.

Unfortunately I HAVE to connect to an https server for this project, so
sticking to http: is not an option.

Thanks for the info, Martin.  I would appreciate if anyone who's done this
in W9x could confirm it's possible so I know I'm not just chasing my tail.



"Martin von Loewis" <loewis at> wrote in message
news:p6qem0k7rd0.fsf at
> "Jose Correia" <joseKILL at> writes:
> > However when calling this module, I get "unknown url type: https".
> > source confirms there is no code to handle https:
> >
> > Level of experience: Been working with Python 1.5.2 for 2 months on
> > platform; first attempt at web programming.  LOVE this language...
> I guess you are out of luck, now. https requires the Secure Socket
> Layer (SSL), which is only supported with Python 2.0. Even then, the
> socket module integrates with OpenSSL, wich does not readily port to
> W9x.
> So unless somebody knows of an alternative approach for accessing
> https servers with Python 1.5.2, I'd recommend you try unsecure
> connections only for the moment...
> Regards,
> Martin

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