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> In article <00fh1tgaludcggor2rigl2d4uuh2dpni5t at 4ax.com>, Courageous wrote:
> >This is also quickly dropping by the wayside as awkward and
> >stuffy. For example, many people have no problem at all whatsoever
> >picking up the phone and saying "it's me," even though that's illegal
> >according to older grammatical standards.
> And also damned uninformative.  Not that "It is I" is any less
> useless a tautology.

Depends on the question.

- Who is Moshe?
- It is I. (Or it's me)

That's very informative. But it's the same thing on the phone:

[Bad line]
- May I speak to Moshe?
- It's me. [Meaning, Moshe is me -- Ed.]
- Moshe, I didn't recognize your voice.

Now, the "It's me" sounds very informative to me. 
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