Why does Cookie method fail???

Timothy O'Malley timo at alum.mit.edu
Thu Nov 16 01:05:33 CET 2000


In article <3A1325A3.477C801B at raqia.com>, David Lees wrote:
> I have the code below in a cgi-bin file (junk.py) and an error occurs
> when I uncomment the statement: c = Cookie.Cookie()

Weird.  There is no reason (that I can think of) that "normal"
scenarios would fail this way.

Is there something unusual about your Python setup?
What type does it think Cookie.Cookie() is?
       The line "print type(Cookie.Cookie)" should tell you.
Where is the Cookie module located?
       The line "print Cookie.__file__" should tell you.
Is that where you expected it to be?

Good Luck...and report back if you still can't get anywhere with this.

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