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Tom nospam at
Mon Nov 6 21:06:18 CET 2000

Thanks for pointing out the usage policy, and that the search feature is
only available with the (too) expensive package.


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> "Tom" <nospam at> wrote in message
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> > Looks interesting.
> >
> > But it kinda looks like its for spammers, or people who want to download
> > porno pics (features like 'no posting limits', and 'multimedia
> I've been using a Newsguy 'Basic Account' since March, and I'm
> reasonably satisfied, although sometimes with comp.lang.python
> in particular there are peculiar delays/skews sometimes (but I
> know of no news-server that doesn't occasionally suffer such
> glitches, particularly with NG's that are tied to ML's too...).
> The usage policy a Newsguy subscriber must accept includes:
> "Spam, defined as commercial messages posted to non-commercial
> news groups, off topic posts to a newsgroup, or large scale
> redundant posts, are not permitted on the service ... We will do
> our best to screen out these types of messages arriving from feed
> sources, from our own servers and from outbound feeds. Users posting
> spam messages will be cautioned the first time, then subscription
> terminated or placed on permanent post restriction, on the second
> occurrence."
> And they do seem to put reasonable effort into implementing
> this policy, from what I can see.
> The "multimedia archives" are only available as a part of
> the 'Extra' subscription (the $70/year one, NOT the $25/year
> one which is the 'Basic' subscription -- I use the latter).
> > It's nice to see that there is another place that offers searching of
> > newsgroup archives - in case Deja ever dissapears (or gets too slow).
> Careful, though -- the 'article search' feature of Newsguy
> is also only included for 'Extra' level subscribers...!
> Alex

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