a simple example of Stackless Python

Mike Fletcher mfletch at tpresence.com
Thu Nov 2 02:53:28 CET 2000

Stackless has support for "timeslicing", see the various uthread modules
(lightweight threading ("micro-threads")) for code which uses this mechanism
to create thread-like structures.  Not sure why you'd rather write your own
than implement on top of micro-threads, we're always open to new submissions
that improve the library.

Micro-threads modules are available through:
or, for uthread9.py, directly at:

Enjoy yourself,

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Okay, that helps. Now, my 'plan' for continuations is I want to
create lightweight threads. I want to be able to start a
function as a thread. Based on your explanation, I think this
would work:
My intent was to make the behaviour look a bit like
fork() in unix.

Okay, the big flaw in my code is that no thread is
actually created - all I've done is used a peculiar
syntax to call do_thread_func() - but I'm just
starting. Am I making tiny amounts of sense?

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