MoinMoin vs ZWiki

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Tue Nov 21 23:35:58 CET 2000

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>  Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
>> I can't comment on MoinMoin, but ZWiki is definitely (a) reliable, and
>> (b) easy to use.  Zope itself is not quite there (in all respects) in
>> the latter category (but definitely there in the former), but the
>> tradeoff may still be worth it.
>> You might provide a little hint as to your intended use so as to
>> the quality of the advice you receive.  Can't hurt... :)
>Discussion and informal documentation for a geographically dispersed
>group of web application developers. We're using ASP and VBscript, so I
>really want Python to make a good showing. I don't think The Management
>would be receptive to using Zope in production, but you never know for
>sure until you try.

I've actually implemented a WikiWikiClone in ASP+VBScript without much
trouble (it's fairly weak right now, - no version history, limited
formatting support, etc. -  but I plan on improving it, mostly by
porting VBScript code to Python).

It's in French, and the source code is not public, but I could release
the sources if someone was brave enough to look at it (it's hideous,
you've been warned, but it has been working fairly well for six
months). Anyway, making a WikiClone in VBScript was more a challenge
than a real assignement.

The url is

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