Grail with Python 2.0?

Neil Cerutti cerutti at
Thu Nov 9 15:14:26 CET 2000

I've been fiddling around with CNRI's python Grail web-browser but I
haven't been able to get it to work with the PythonLabs version of Python
2.0final for Windows NT. I had to fix one place where extra parentheses are
required, but now I think I'm hitting an incompatible library change and
I'm in an area of my ignorance.

The Tk window just pops up, and then grail dies with the following stack

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 499, in ?
  File "", line 153, in main
  File "E:\Python20\grail-0.6\", line 487, in load
  File "E:\Python20\grail-0.6\", line 378, in read_page
    Reader(self, url, method, params, show_source, reload, data, scrollpos)
  File "E:\Python20\grail-0.6\", line 447, in __init__
    if url: self.restart(url)
  File "E:\Python20\grail-0.6\", line 491, in restart
    BaseReader.__init__(self, self.last_context, api)
  File "E:\Python20\grail-0.6\", line 62, in __init__
  File "E:\Python20\grail-0.6\", line 76, in start
    self.fno = self.api.fileno()
  File "E:\Python20\grail-0.6\", line 314, in fileno
    self.fno = self.item.fileno()
  File "E:\Python20\grail-0.6\", line 189, in fileno
    return self.api.fileno()
  File "E:\Python20\grail-0.6\protocols\", line 234, in fileno
    return self.h.sock.fileno()
AttributeError: 'MyHTTP' instance has no attribute 'sock'

I've tried to debug the code, and it looks to me like self.h ought to have
a sock attrib unless the socket has died. Other than that, I'm way over
my head.

Anybody know a fix?

If not, is there somewhere else I should contact instead?

Neil Cerutti <cerutti at>

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