Howto: Post data to HTTPS server

Jose Correia jose at
Mon Nov 13 18:17:15 CET 2000


Thanks for the info.  At least I know now it has been done successfully in
the Win environment.  I'll send the info to Ng on the M2Crypto modules and
try that route first, failing that I'll definitely have to try your method.

Thanks for posting.  At least now I'm still going around in circles but not
chasing my own tail (hoping to find a tangent real soon)      :-)



"Andrew Markebo" <andrew.markebo at> wrote in message
news:ksk8a9rktd.fsf at
> *HMM* theoretically I did SSL-support (for my own socket/http-modules)
>  for 1.6 of python, I think I found a ssl-module that could be used
>  with version 1.6, but I didn't pull everything together, to test it
>  out..
> But I have it working with Python 2.0 for Windows Nt4 and 2000, don't
> think it will be any problems with win9x. I had to do one or two extra
> touches to configuration though, can't exactly recall what it was.
> Give it a try, compile OpenSSL and try to build your own Python 2.0
> with SSL-support.
> Search this group for posts by me, I think I posted what I did
> somewhere.
> If you get into trouble, mail me.
> An alternative could be to use the PyCOM interface to ask Internet
> Explorer to do it for you :-)
>         /Andy

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