Is Python any good with MySQL?

Nick Trout nickatvideosystemdotcodotuk
Wed Nov 8 11:50:50 CET 2000

Could anyone tell me how JPython fits in?

ie. can you write applets which integrate with Python code etc. (Sorry I'm a

"Miles R. Fidelman" <fidelman at> wrote in message
news:G3M5B7.xG at
> Keith MacDonald (keith at wrote:
> : Before I give in and go back to Perl, would anyone care to reassure me
> : Python really is suitable for web site development with MySQL, and point
> : at some documentation which will help me get started?
> If Python doesn't have the support you need, you might look at PHP
> ( - which has excellent support for MySQL. I've built multiple
> sites with the combination and it's really easy.
> If you're not familiar with it, PHP code is embedded within your HTML
> (think SSI on steroids). It makes it fairly trivial, for example, to embed
> the results of a database query inside a table.
> Miles Fidelman

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