Animated GIFs?!!?! Urgent Help

Freeserve UK afonsosalcedo at
Sun Nov 12 15:57:14 CET 2000

in article kJuP5.4751$QH2.499596 at, Fredrik Lundh at
fredrik at wrote on 11/12/00 6:58 PM:

> im ="in.gif")
>   sequence = []
>   try:
>       while 1:
>           sequence.append(im.copy())
>  # skip to next frame
>   except EOFError:
>       pass # we're done

Just another note. I managed to display the animated GIF but I had to use
the update_idletasks() otherwise I couldn't actually see the animation...

Is there any way of looping the animation so that when it reaches the last
frames restarts from the beginning?

Thanks again and sorry for all the trouble,
J. Salcedo

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