ASP Won't Recognize Python

James O. Davis fleubis at
Sat Nov 11 00:29:20 CET 2000

Alex, have just tried the activestate distribution. There may be some
glitches with in on WINNT 4.0....IDE refuses to come up and menu never
shows up in Start menu...seems like I'm trading one problem for
another, but scripting does appear to work the activestate version.



On Fri, 10 Nov 2000 20:34:49 +0100, "Alex Martelli"
<aleaxit at> wrote:

>"James O. Davis" <fleubis at> wrote in message
>news:pkeo0t0usqa24u6a8d9nd7sclii64gn9i7 at
>> Here's one from a real newbie.....Having installed Pyton 2.0 on Winnt
>> 4.0...I cannot seem to get ASP to recognize Python when using <%
>> @LANGUAGE=Python %> in my ASP code.....get back an error indicating
>> that it is an unrecognized scripting language...
>Have you installed the win32all extensions (or the activestate
>distribution)?  Python 2.0 for Win32 (the base, standard
>distribution) doesn't install itself for activescripting...

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