Python COM Server

Steve Williams sandj.williams at
Tue Nov 7 05:46:25 CET 2000

Alex Martelli wrote:

> "Chui Tey" <teyc at> wrote in message
> news:8u5haq$nub$1 at
> > I seem to prototype more and more on python and then translate them to VB
> > because I need a nice UI.


VB is harder than it looks.

I)    To deploy VB applications properly, your code needs to run the following
tests at startup:

    1)    Are the necessary DLLs present?  Things might have change since you

    2)    Are the DLLs at the right release levels?  Again, things change.

    3)    Are the DLLs created by a reliable source?  Anybody can write a DLL.

If any of these tests fails, you should notify the operator and terminate the

II)    When you install on a working PC, it's a real thrill to get a message

    "Do you wish to replace MSxyzzy version with version
    Some programs may not work if you do."

I suppose Python has these same problems, but still. . .

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