Newbie Pythom + Newbie Com = Way confussed

John Shankland jshankl at
Wed Nov 1 04:29:19 CET 2000


I'm trying to do some com programming in python with win32com. I'm able
to get a com object and call it's methods, and it actually does what it's
supposed to. The problem is I need to get some information from the
device which it sends asynchronously and I guess calls some function in
my code. The name of the function is ( not that it matters )
SlinkeDeviceEvent. I've written a function SlinkeDeviceEvent but it
doesn't seem to get called. I think it wants me to override some method
but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. So here's some code. 

import win32com.client
SlinkEX = win32com.client.Dispatch("SLINKX.SlinkxCtrl.1")

# Add a sending device
SlinkEX.AddDeviceText("cdj", "type=devtx", 1, 1, 0 )

# Play a play list
SlinkEX.Send( "cdj", "playlist_play" )

# Add a receiving device. This is the one that's supposed to get messages
SlinkEX.AddDeviceText("cdjr", "type=devrx", 1, 1, 0 )

Any ideas?


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