MoinMoin vs ZWiki

Michel Pelletier michel at
Wed Nov 22 07:00:54 CET 2000

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Ng Pheng Siong wrote:
> >
> > According to Peter Hansen  <peter at>:
> > > [...] Zope's relatively weak documentation and
> > > architectural flaws and shove that in your face.
> >   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > Would you mind elaborating?
> Sure!  (I'll first spin a little and say I may not have chosen the best
> wording as I was in a hurry, just got out of bed, and hadn't eaten yet.
> Or some other excuse.  "Architectual flaw" might not be quite what I
> meant, but let's see what I did mean...)
> Actually, I am one of Zope's biggest fans.  Don't get me wrong: it's a
> wonderful creation with *enormous* potential and we're making it the
> centre-piece of our development environment for several purposes and
> reasons (ZWikis being but one).  Even with the warts I see, it stands
> head and shoulders above any alternative that exists.

Thanks for the great post Peter, it has already flashed through the
company lists.  We listen.

My main reason for replying to your post is to further advance my
personal finacial standing.  You mentioned Zope's documentation as a
problem.  It is a problem, but it is getting much better, so I would
like to take this opertunity to shamelessly plug the upcomming O'Reilly
book, "Zope: The Definitive Guide", available entirely online at:

You may be particulary interested in Chapter 8, which discusses how to
script Zope through the web directly in Python and Perl with Python/Perl
scripts.  No more DTML for complex logic!

Amos and I are also working on two new projects.  The first is to
develop solid documentation processes that fit into our development
process, and the second is to create interface definition/documentation
for Zope.  I mention the latter because it may be of particular interest
to Pythoners because I am very interested in the Types-SIG discussions
of Nov/Dec 1998 WRT Python interfaces.

(I just started the latter project today, so there is not much yet) Both
are Wikis, so please leave any comments.



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