Accessing Hello World

Olivier Dagenais olivierS.dagenaisP at canadaA.comM
Wed Nov 8 00:27:30 CET 2000

There's a difference between a Python prompt and a command/DOS prompt.  From
the command prompt, you can invoke Python with the script as a
parameter.  I suggest you learn to use a command line interpreter and then
read Guido's Python tutorial.

Good luck!

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"Brendhan Horne" <brendhanhorne at> wrote in message
news:Lh%N5.3823$Xz6.13601 at news3.mia...
> That didn't do it.
> >>>
> error
> >>>python
> Thanks,
> Brendhan
> error
> So from the command line prompt it won't open Hello, World !
> What the heck am I doing wrong here.?
> --
> Thanks,
> Brendhan

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