Python Database Query Size

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Sun Nov 12 05:31:47 CET 2000


I have arround 1000000 rows of data in my oracle database. I'm using
python ODBC-API to make a connection and query the database. Just want
to know how large python fetchall() and fetchmany() can query the
databse.This is because when i'm trying to query about 10000 row of
data from my oracle database, my idle was stop working.

This is also happen in Zope Webserver.Right now i'm running zope as a
standalone web server on windows platform. When i'm trying to query an
heavy database Zope web server cannot had had thread service that means
another user cannot acces to zope.. the system also 'hang-up'.

I'm trying to check to another programme like php and asp to see it
performance. I think python list '[]' size cannot hold large data in
one time.. it will crash...

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