ANNOUNCE: MySQLdb win32 binary v. 0.3.0b2 for Python 2.0

Gerhard Häring gerhard_haering at
Wed Nov 15 03:44:29 CET 2000


This is a win32 build of MySQLdb 0.3.0b2. I have built it for the
convenience of 
fellow Python users who do not have a copy of MS Visual C++ or do know
even less than me. I do not use MySQL or MySQLdb currently, and I am not
Visual C++ or Python extension guru. I simply tried to get this stuff
and did some basic tests with the compiled extension. You will find my 
simplistic test in the supplied archive.

The original site of this package is at
You will find my win32 builds at

I am *not* the maintainer of this package, this is Andy Dustman 
(andy at, but I'd really like to hear wether this build works
for you or 
not. You can contact me at haering_python<at>

Gerhard Häring

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