idle6.0 german umlauts (ascii > 128 Exception)

Syver Enstad syver.enstad at
Mon Nov 6 23:29:40 CET 2000

"Walter.Zettel" <Walter.Zettel at> wrote in message
> What can I do? It is very important, cause I just started "mission python"
> at my company (which is a very big public employee in germany) and one
> argument was idle. (ok a small one, but it is difficult to get people on
> other (better) ways!)

This is very strange I had the same problems as you have in IDLE not long
ago. Maybe one month or so. (I am using Norwegian characters like ÅæØÆ). But
when I tested IDLE again after reading your mail my problem which was analog
to your wasn't there anymore.

 I also had problems in Pythonwin which is the editor I use most often. Mark
Hammond fixed the problems in Pythonwin recently (which werent as severe as
in IDLE). But I don't think I modified other source than Pythonwin source so
it couldn't really impact on the use of IDLE. Hmmmm....

(Does some testing in IDLE, writes an Ä in IDLE everything works. Then I
copy your Ä from the mail into IDLE... BOOM, CRASH)

Seems they've fixed Norwegian characters but not all the german yet. Maybe
you could check out the source to find out what happens. What's the
difference between my and your Ä anyway?

A little experiment... Copy my Ä from this mail and paste it into idle and
see what happens.

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