TCP Socket question

Donn Cave donn at
Wed Nov 15 08:26:21 CET 2000

Quoth cobrien at Radix.Net (Cary O'Brien):
| Also (although this doesn't matter so much in python) that reading
| 1024 bytes from a socket doesn't necessaraly return 1024 bytes. It
| can return form 1 to 1024.
| Similarly for writes.  You need to check the return code for the
| write to see how much was written.  If your reciever isn't reading
| fast enough you can try to write 1024 and actually end up sending
| nothing.
| Actually, does python re-try writes?  Re-try reads?

Nope.  You're right, you need to check the return.  I don't think
you could send 0 bytes, but you could send less than the full string.

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